BIBLIOMETRIST is a program I wrote mostly for personal use. An academic is often required to assess someone else’s CV and publications, both for job application and for grant assignment. Written in LabView, the program processes a text file generated by PubMed containing all the publication records of a given researcher. After parsing the file, BIBLIOMETRIST associates each publication to the proper Impact Factor (IF) and analyse the authors’ list and the words in the title. The final outcome, shown below for my publication record, is a series of performance indices related to the qualitative and quantitative relevance of scientific production. Separate average IF are shown for papers where the researcher is the first author, a coauthor, the last author and even the only author. Graphs summarize the scientific career as the cumulative number of published papers (total, 1st author, last author) and as a cumulative overall IF as a function of time. At the end of the page lists of keywords, journal and coauthors, in descending order of frequency, complete the scientific profile of the researcher.

evaluation of my publication record UP to 2007

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Furthermore, BIBLIOMETRIST allows: 1) to input the researcher’s name in two different forms (one or more first name initials), 2) to set the upper limit (year) of the publication date, and 3) to inspect inconsistencies generated by a mismatch in journal abbreviations. The graphical representation of the frequecy distribution of keywords gives clues about the risk of homonyms in the publication record.