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POWERPLATF is the first product on the market designed and programmed by an exercise  physiologist/biomechanist with MD background.

The package takes care of all processes regarding the evaluation of lower limb muscular performance, from acquisition to data analysis, recorded during different types of jumps by means of a dynamometric platform. In addition to the traditional countermovement and squat jumps, relevant physiological and biomechanical variables are computed on drop landing and twist jumps, which are particularly important in many different sport activities.

Maximum (instantaneous) muscle power is obtained both for accelerations and active decelerations (positive and negative power, respectively), vertical displacement and angular rotation during the different phases of jumps.

The package includes a USB 12 or 14 bit A/D conversion hardware and a set of programs devoted both to help calibration/testing of the most diffused platforms in the market (Kistler, AMTI and Bertec) and to acquire and analyse the force signals (3D forces and moments) including the corrected position of the Centre of Pressure. Hardware and software works both on Apple Macs (Intel processors) and on PCs.

The jumping manoeuvre is assisted by 3 software-controlled LED lights and an automatic routine checks the timing of the performance and the reliability of the results. Depending on the adopted platform, signal gain and reset are remotely managed by prompting the user with the appropriate interface (GUI, see the screenshot above).

In case of rotational (twist) jumps, a preliminary routine allows to estimate the individual moment of inertia about the vertical axis, a variable of particular interest in sports and obesity, by using a proprietary method. Then the amount of counter-rotation, the angular span and the rotational/vertical power of the jumps are provided.

Signals and results are shown in the ‘virtual instrument’ front panel and can be also saved as a text file for later use. Routines for periodical checks of platform/amplifier measuring system are provided regarding, for example, the accuracy of the Centre of Pressure and the potential drift of the piezo transducer signals of Kistler apparati.

Further information can be obtained by contacting alberto.minetti@unimi.it